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With over 40 parks and game reserves, Kenya has long been known as “big-game” country. Kenya has always viewed its wildlife as a national treasure. And the movie “Out of Africa” did much to cement the romance of Kenya in our minds. A diverse country, Kenya offers many rewards for the first-time, as well as the seasoned, safari traveler. Magnificent wildlife, excellent accommodations, palm-fringed beaches and a warm and friendly population await you. An infinite landscape of varying climates, Kenya is punctuated by two distinct rainy seasons from April to May and late November to December. Discover the dramatic Rift Valley and its soda lakes, snow-capped mountains on the Equator, the gigantic Lake Victoria and the beach-lined coast with its magical islands. Encounter the greatest concentration of free-ranging wildlife on earth and explore the customs of the proud Masai people. It is in this intoxicating region that the notion of the Swahili word “safari”, meaning “to journey”, was born

Frequently Asked Questions

Kenya Faq's

What are the visa requirements for kenya?

Passports are required by all foreign visitors and must be valid for at least 6 months after the intended length of your trip.

It is essential to have at least two blank, consecutive pages for each country you will be visiting. This excludes Amendment and Endorsement pages.

This is serious , if you do not have the required blank pages, you could be denied boarding of your flight before you even start your trip!

What is the currency and what credit cards can i use in kenya ?

Currency: Kenyan Shilling – KES or KSH 1.00 USD = 103.910 KES (As of Aug 1st 2017)

Credit Cards: Visa and Mastercard are widely accepted

American Express: not so much

Does Kenya Have Departure Tax ?

When you depart KENYA (boo hoo!) you will be expected to pay a departure tax in the amount of US$ 40.00 per person in US$ CASH so make sure you remember to set this aside at the beginning of your trip. This fee is usually included in your international airfare, unless stated otherwise. Please check with your agent when purchasing your international air tickets.

What If I Have Dietary Requirements

Most dietary requirements (kosher, vegetarian hindu etc) can be organized provided we request them well in advance. You must remember that many of the game lodges you may be visiting are literally in the middle of nowhere so if you are not very specific in advance you may just go hungry! You cannot just pop out to the nearest restaurant or 7-11 – you are in the African bush. Please also let us know if anyone in your party will be celebrating a birthday or anniversary or any other special occasions!

What Is The Language In Kenya ?

Swahili and English are the national languages of KENYA.

Will I Be Able To Do Laundry During My Kenya Tour ?

Laundry service is available at most hotels and lodges throughout KENYA. Prices will vary per hotel/lodge. However in most camps/game lodges throughout KENYA the washing is done by hand and sun-dried so please allow between 24-48 hours for completion.

What Time Zone Is Kenya In ?

Local time in KENYA is GMT +3 which means it is always 6 or 7 hours ahead of us in the eastern United States depending on the time of year and daylight savings So, it it is 940PM in NAIROBI then it is 340PM the same day in NEW YORK! Hope this helps. Probably won’t – you will be more confused than ever and will more than likely call home and get it all mixed up

Can I Drink Tap Water In Kenya ?

Although tap water may be fine in most areas for bathing and brushing teeth, we recommend that you drink bottled water at all times.


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