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When is the best time to visit Tanzania? We often get asked the “when is the best time” question by our traveling guests for many of our wildlife and photo safari destinations. Although not meant to be an in-depth travel guide, this will complement our photo Safari in Tanzania, tour, and provide the necessary information for you as a traveller to decide for yourself, based on your own needs and likes, as to when is the best time to visit Tanzania.

Although the question may sound simple, the answer is usually dependent on several factors. We don’t think there is ever a bad time to visit Tanzania as every season or month has its highs and lows. We will try and lay them out here for you and sum up what you should expect at each time of the year.

As Tanzania is situated between the Equator and the Tropic of Capricorn, there is very little variance in the temperature range throughout the year. With an average temperature of around 30°C during the day, however, at night it can drop to around 15°C. The main variation in the impact of the temperature is both the humidity and the annual rainfall.

The best time to visit Tanzania is before the main rains in the country arrive around the beginning of April and generally run through until the end of June, but there can always be that exception to the rule. The second rainy period, but not so prevalent and strong as the first rainy period, runs from around the beginning of November (a few weeks later in Zanzibar) to the middle of December. (In our general tour information we always recommend bringing a rain jacket and a warm beanie-type hat).

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