Tanzania Safari Cost

Generally, those on safari will have their accommodation and food costs included in their tour package. However, those heading to the big cities should expect to pay around USD 50 per night for mid-range hotels and around USD 100 for the best accommodation options. Street food is widely available and costs anything from a few cents to USD 3 depending on how hungry you are. A sit-down meal with a beer can cost up to around USD 10. Public transport is cheap and long bus journeys can come in at as little as a few dollars.

If you are still wondering how much does It Cost to Visit Tanzania? Let us understand the various factors affecting the safari cost in detail:

  • Duration: the number of days you spend on the safari greatly affects the cost of the safari
  • Standard of accommodation: whether you choose luxury, standard or budget accommodation will define the cost of the safari.
  • National parks: the type of national park you choose to visit. The more popular ones have higher park fees.
  • Transfers: if you choose domestic flight transfers the price will increase. Other transfers such as to and fro from the airport to the stay are also included in the cost.
  • Several travellers: more people traveling will significantly reduce the cost.
  • Time of year: if you are traveling during the peak season the cost of safari increases.

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Tanzania Travel Tips

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