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Tanzania is a big African country that overlooks the Indian Ocean and lies just south of the Equator. Much of the country is covered by a plateau, where a large number of world-famous tourist attractions are found, in particular, the savannah environment with its characteristic flora and fauna, preserved in various parks and nature reserves. This plateau has a subtropical or tropical climate, not too hot because of altitude. On the contrary, the thin coastal stretch is hot and humid throughout the year, especially from November to April.
The June-August period (kipper) is the coolest of the year and is dry almost everywhere.

As regards the rain pattern, the country can be divided into four zones. In the north and the east, except in the region of Lake Victoria, there are two rainy seasons: one less intense, known as the short rains season (valid), between October and December, and the other more intense, known as long rains season (masika), from March to May, with a peak in April. In January and February, in the period between the two rainy seasons (kiangazi), the weather is hot and sultry, at least below a thousand meters (3,300 feet).

In the far north-west, the two rainy seasons are practically connected, in fact, it rains even in January and February when rainfall amounts to 100/150 millimetres (4/6 inches) per month depending on the area; therefore, in this region, there is practically a single rainy season from October to May. Such a situation is also found in a few areas of the northeast, in particular, along the southern slopes of Mount Kilimanjaro.

In the center and south, there's only one rainy season, from December to April in the south and south-east, and from November to April in the west.

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Tanzania Travel Tips

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