Tanzania Safari Faqs

Is Tanzania safe ?
Tourism is mostly safe in Tanzania. Follow the usual travel guide advice: take licensed taxis at night and be cautious of flashing valuables in cities. It is not an LGBTQ-friendly country, though generally tourists won’t face problems in places such as safari parks.

What is the best month to visit Tanzania ?
September tends to be best for safaris and the Great Migration.

How many days do you need in Tanzania ?
For a dual-destination safari in the north, eight days is about right — take two weeks if you’re travelling to Zanzibar or into the south as well. A Kilimanjaro hike requires at least a week.

What is the Currency ?
Tanzanian shilling. US dollars are often accepted.

What is the Best Safari in Tanzania ?
There are numerous Tanzania National Park such as Serengeti, Tarangire, Ngorongoro, and more. The best safaris are those which combine all kinds of safari adventures such as enjoying at various Tanzania Beaches, exploring Tanzania Culture, hiking the tallest peaks of Africa, and taking pleasure in Solo Safari Tanzania.

How long does Tanzania Safari take ?
A Tanzania Safari can be done in 10 days or 2 days as well depending on the time you have to spend and the locations you wish to visit on your Safari. The more time you spend on the safari the better experience you are going to have. Tanzania Capital has developed into a mini-Dubai and exploring the city is fun.

How to make an emergency call in Tanzania ?
To reach emergency services in Tanzania dial 112 and ask for the required service.

What transport will be used on safari in Tanzania ?
It’s unlikely that you will have to worry about transport once you arrive in Tanzania. Many safari packages include a vehicle with a driver guide who will can take you around Tanzania on your safari. The vehicle included in the package will be your primary mode of transportation together with any charter or scheduled flights to take you to remote game areas or off shore islands such as Zanzibar.

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Tanzania Travel Tips

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